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Basic Policies

We define the return of profits to shareholders as one of our key management issues, and our basic policy is to continue to pay stable dividends while strengthening our financial position for long-term business expansion and to increase retained earnings.

Dividends paid in recent fiscal years

In light of the above basic policy on profit distribution, we have decided to set the annual dividend per share for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2023 at 63.00 yen per share, taking into consideration the overall need to strengthen our management structure and retain earnings for the continued growth of our business in the future.

Fiscal Year Dividend per share Dividend Patio
FY2014 17.00yen
(Ordinary dividend 14.00yen)
(Commemorative dividend 3.00yen)
FY2015 32.00yen 10.4%
FY2016 21.00yen※
(Ordinary dividend 19.00yen)
(Commemorative dividend 2.00yen)
FY2017 25.00yen 14.2%
FY2018 30.00yen 21.8%
FY2019 30.00yen 43.2%
FY2020 10.00yen
(Ordinary dividend 5.00yen)
(Commemorative dividend 5.00yen)
FY2021 15.00yen 28.2%
FY2022 20.00yen 30.0%
FY2023 63.00yen 40.6%
FY2024 (Revised Forecast) 68.00yen 40.3%

※MUGEN ESTATE conducted a 2-for-1 split which became effective as of July 1, 2016.