Our Business

In the MUGEN ESTATE Group, we have established a distinctive business model under which we offer a diverse portfolio of versatile properties including residential-type owned condominiums, investment-type condominiums and office buildings. We have established a unique position in the used property market as a real estate company that can deal reliably in properties in a wide price range, from millions of yen up to one billion yen.

Business model

In the Purchase and Resale Business, we purchase investment-type properties and residential-type properties and resell them after adding new value to them through interior and exterior renovations. With this business at the core, we make the most of the Group's synergy and assign a single staff member to take responsibility for the entire process of the purchase, renovation, and resale of a property. It is this business scheme that distinguishes us. We respond appropriately to customer needs with our unrivaled information-gathering capabilities and our ability to provide a wide variety of products. We have also established a unique position in the industry.
We purchase used properties including investment-type properties, owned condominiums, and detached houses with a focus on the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, consisting of Tokyo and the three surrounding prefectures (Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba). FUJI HOME Co., Ltd., our subsidiary, and others improve the value of the properties in accordance with their age, floor space, room layout, location, management conditions, and other elements.
In addition to purchasing and reselling properties, we operate the following other businesses: the Leasing Business, the Interior and Exterior Refurbishment Business, the Brokerage Business, and the Property Management Business. Our expertise in these businesses is backed up by our proven track record, and they are integrated with each other through close cooperation, thereby increasing the potential of our business management based on synergy and enabling us to respond flexibly and promptly to the market.

Business overview

Purchase and Resale Business

We offer a wide variety of properties, including residential-type properties, investment-type properties (condominiums, office blocks, and apartments), and detached houses, to ensure that we accurately understand the requirements of customers and respond promptly to their needs.

Leasing Business

We lease investment-type properties to end users to improve their profitability. We have established a business scheme that enables us to obtain income by leasing properties we have purchased during the period leading up to their sale, in principle.

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