Our Business


Real Estate Development Business

In this business, we develop investment type properties mainly in Tokyo, engaging in the purchase of land for development, planning, design, construction supervision, leasing and sales.

Features of SIDEPLACE series

  1. 01 Real estate development with the use of know-how

    We develop properties with great convenience and high profitability with the use of our experience and know-how cultivated over the years through the Purchase and Resale Business.

  2. 02 Offering of properties with environmental considerations

    With a view towards realizing a sustainable society, we facilitate the introduction of green materials, products and equipment to provide high value-added properties.

  3. 03 Concept setting best suited for individual properties

    We determine concepts for individual properties to carry out development geared to regional characteristics and needs.

Our Project

Quality of life with pets

SIDEPLACE OSHIAGE condominium is located four minutes' walk away from the Oshiage Station. It stands in a quiet residential district with a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.
To provide a comfortable lifestyle with pets, we offer a total space of 26.33㎡ as the exclusive area for condominium units, which are large for condominiums for singles. In the common areas, it has a pet foot washing area and a dog run on the rooftop.

Environmentally friendly initiatives

We are working to meet the SDGs through the SIDEPLACE series.
For SIDEPLACE OSHIAGE, we have adopted environmentally-friendly items such as phosphorescent tiles and water retaining tiles.