Our Business


Purchase and Resale Business

We purchase pre-owned properties with potential for asset enhancement and turn them into valuable real estate by carrying out interior/exterior work and lease management by FUJI HOME Co., Ltd., a MUGEN ESTATE Group company.

Business Domains

We renovate a wide variety of pre-owned properties in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area and provide customers to suit their different life stages and diverse needs.

Investment type properties: Condominiums, office blocks, and changes in owners of units

Residential type properties: Owned condominium units and detached houses for families

Investment type properties (rental condominiums and office blocks; income properties)

After interior and exterior renovation work, leasing and other value enhancement by FUJI HOME Co., Ltd., we resell condominiums, office blocks, property units and others to individual investors and general business companies. Amid favorable market conditions with significant growth in demand from those investors seeking an extra source of income for their retirement, from those wishing to have measures for inheritance tax and from overseas investors, we accelerate the sales of investment properties that we see as a growth driver.

Residential type properties (owned condominium units and detached houses)

We mainly purchase condominiums for families on a unit-by-unit basis to resell them after renovation to those wishing to own residences for the first time and to those changing their residences. FUJI HOME Co., Ltd. supervises the renovation to make sure that properties are transformed into high quality residences with features tailored to the times.

Our Strengths

Our Strengths lie in the Group's comprehensive one-stop service from purchasing to planning, construction, ploperty management, leasing and sales.