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Corporate Governance

Basic Policy on Corporate Governance

 The MUGEN ESTATE Group's corporate motto "Mugen" (Making Dreams Come True) is the foundation for its approach to business management, as well as the origin of its company name. By making customers' dreams come true, we aim to grow as a company and realize the dreams and aspirations of all people, including our stakeholders.
 To that end, our mission is that "Creating new value in real estate and taking on challenges to enrich the lives of all, making their dreams come true". Through our business activities, we aim to continuously increase corporate value by solving numerous social issues facing the real estate industry, including global warming, declining birth rate and aging population, empty housing and age-related degradation of housing stock.
 In addition, we have established five values as the basis for actions to achieve our mission: "Pursuing speed","Taking on challenges inexhaustibly", "The linking of diverse talents", "Looking ahead", and "Fulfilling our responsibilities".
 MUGEN ESTATE recognizes that the most necessary measures for the realization of this corporate philosophy are to ensure management transparency and soundness, and enhance management functions to respond quickly and appropriately to environmental changes; and that establishing corporate overnance is the most important issue. We are therefore working to enhance our corporate governance with following general principles: (i) securing the rights and equality of shareholders, (ii) cooperating appropriately with stakeholders other than shareholders,(iii) ensuring appropriate disclosure and transparency of information, (iv) performing the duties of the Board of Directors, etc. and (v) engaging in dialogue with shareholders.