About Us


Corporate Philosophy


  • 「MUGEN」
    Making Dreams Come True

  • The corporate motto of our group is an expression of our desire to help customers make their dream of buying a home come true.

  • By making customers' dreams come true, we also aim to achieve development as a company and realize the aspirations of our stakeholders'.

  • The company name, Mugen Estate, derives from the " Mugen " in our corporate motto.


  • Creating new value in real estate and taking on challenges to enrich the lives of all,
    making their dreams come true


  • Pursuing speed
    Let's overwhelm others with speed.
    Speed is one of our competitive advantages.

  • Taking on challenges inexhaustibly
    Let's remain willing to take on challenges at all times to achieve personal development.
    It is by overcoming challenges that we can make dreams come true.

  • The linking of diverse talents
    Let's work together by taking advantage of our individual expertise.
    It is by combining our respective strengths that we can achieve great things.

  • Looking ahead
    Let's look ahead whenever we take action.
    It is by understanding a person's real intention that we can enable them to feel secure and win their trust.

  • Fulfilling our responsibilities
    Let's fulfill our responsibilities for all of our stakeholders with the spirit of Sampo Yoshi (good for the seller, good for the buyer and good for society).
    It is by fulfilling our responsibilities sincerely, one by one, that we can achieve things and win trust.

Logo concept

    Our logo has been designed on the basis of a concept according to which the spherical form represents the corporate stance of playing our social role by doing business from a broad perspective, whereas the dynamic blue stripes on the sphere denote our spirit of serving customers in a diverse and flexible manner.