Corporate Philosophy


MUGEN - Turning dreams into reality and pursuing ideals

Corporate Philosophy

  • We will help society to achieve prosperity and will continue to grow
  • We will ensure compliance in our management
  • We will strive to enhance stakeholder satisfaction


  • VISION: Helping create a society that will inspire dreams through the real estate business
  • MISSION: Helping customers make their dreams come true and growing with customer

Code of Conduct

  • 1.Take benefits for sellers, buyers, and society into consideration at the same time
  • 2.Emphasize the value of “MOTTAINAI”
  • 3.Value a sense of gratitude
  • 4.Continue to consider reforms and focus on taking on new challenge
  • 5.Maintain trust
  • 6.Act immediately, be sure to act, and follow through until the end
  • 7.Emphasize compliance
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