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Specified Joint Real Estate Business

What is a specified joint real estate business?

It is a business in which a permitted operator under the Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise Act collects funds from multiple investors to conduct real estate transactions and leasing and other transactions, distributing the gains from them to the investors. An investment product enabling real estate investment with limited funds is referred to as a small-lot real estate investment product.

Through Budo-san, Sonaeru Fudosankoguchi Toushi (small-lot real estate investment product preparing for the future), an asset management based on profitability and a sound exit strategy, we offer small-lot real estate investment products, to satisfy our investors.

Three features of our product

  1. 01 Ability to identify blue-chip pre-owned properties

    Since our founding in 1990, we have been working to increase the value of pre-owned properties with a focus on Tokyo and its three neighboring prefectures. Using our extensive information and knowledge, we offer real estate suitable for medium- and long-term investment.

  2. 02 Excellent properties carefully selected in central Tokyo

    Pre-owned properties in central Tokyo yield more stable returns than newly constructed properties and those outside central Tokyo. Since their past rental revenues, occupancy rates and other performance are known, we carefully select properties that investors can own with peace of mind.

  3. 03 Strong support for investors through the Group’s strength

    To offer safe and secure products and maintain their quality after purchase, we have established a system under which FUJI HOME Co., Ltd., a subsidiary, provides strong support in planning, design, operation and management.

Comparison between general real estate investment and small-lot real estate investment