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Message from the President

Ever since its founding in 1990, the MUGEN ESTATE Group has been providing customers with new value and inspiration under its corporate motto "MUGEN" (Making Dreams Come True), primarily through its main business of purchasing, restoring and selling used properties (the Purchase and Resale Business).

The world is currently entering an era of major structural change, with environmental problems such as global warming, natural disasters, and infectious disease pandemics. In Japan, the real estate industry is also entering a major period of change, with issues such as the declining birthrate, aging population, and vacant housing. The Group regards this period of change as a major opportunity, aiming to solve social issues through its business activities, create a sustainable society and achieve further growth.

The Group has revised its corporate philosophy and formulated the Second Medium-Term Management Plan under this new corporate philosophy. We aim to turn the dreams of all stakeholders—including shareholders, customers, and business partners—into reality, by creating new value that will lead to the future, with the basic policies of strengthening our revenue base for business expansion, building a network for capturing revenue opportunities, improving organizational capabilities to support business growth, and promoting digital transformation to support business expansion and growth.

We will continue to make efforts as a united team, without forgetting our sense of gratitude, and continue to take on the challenges of meeting the expectations of all stakeholders.

President & Representative Director

Shinichi Fujita