Message from the President

Ever since our founding in 1990, we at Mugen Estate have been providing customers with new value and inspiration as a pioneer in the business of purchasing and reselling used properties. The finest features of the Mugen Estate Group are our accumulated expertise in the used property market and business operation with strategic dominance in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, consisting of Tokyo and the three surrounding prefectures.

We cater promptly to diverse customer needs by covering used properties in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area as a group of real estate professionals backed up by our reliable expertise in used properties, including our strong capabilities in collecting information, making investment judgments, managing properties, and providing technical services.

We want to help people, including our customers, make their dreams come true under our corporate motto of “MUGEN”, that means turning dreams into reality and pursuing ideals. We will continue to be a company that grows diligently and steadily by reproducing the value of homes that embody the dreams of their individual owners.

With our pride and responsibility as a company that plays an important role in revitalizing the used property brokerage business in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, we will continue to move forward with our business to meet the expectations of society.

We would appreciate your continued support.

Shinichi Fujita

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