Basic Policy for Corporate Governance

The name MUGEN comes from our motto and underlying management ethos “turning dreams into reality and pursuing ideals.” To achieve that, and to continually enhance corporate value, we have set out the following three commitments as our Corporate Philosophy.

  • We will help society to achieve prosperity and will continue to grow.
  • We will ensure compliance in our management.
  • We will strive to enhance stakeholder satisfaction.

To put these commitments into practice, it is absolutely crucial that we ensure transparent, sound management, and work to strengthen management capabilities so that we can respond quickly and appropriately to the changing environment around us. We recognize that establishing corporate governance is our top priority in order to achieve that, and are constantly working to (1) strengthen supervision and controls over executives, (2) ensure transparency through disclosure, and (3) improve operational and executive management systems.

Corporate Governance Guidelines (Revised March 24, 2020)

Criteria for Independence of Outside Directors and Outside Corporate Auditor

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