Professional 3“S”s

【 Basic Management Strategy 】
MUGEN ESTATE Group pursues further expansion of our revenue base to ensure sustainable growth with the keywords of the 3“S”s

Improving the Speed of management

Based on our internal standards, which contain abundant know-how that makes quick business judgments, we advance measures for shortening the period from purchase to resale.

Enhancing employees' Skills

We make group-wide efforts to develop human resources with strong skills as our business resources in order to operate the MUGEN ESTATE Group's unique business model, in which a single staff member is in charge of the entire process of transaction from the inspection of a property before purchase to the settlement of its resale.

Pursuing customers' Satisfaction

To satisfy each and every customer, we respond appropriately and promptly to customer needs by offering a portfolio of a wide variety of properties covering all the used properties in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area (Tokyo and the three surrounding prefectures).

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